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Most Christians don't know how to help Muslim refugees, who have been through unspeakable trauma.

Our MicroBibles are in high demand in this context. They discreetly provide all of the essentials they need to find hope and salvation in Christ.

Through these SD Cards, our prayer warriors and donors are providing them the help and encouragement they need.

At this time, Desert Springs Ministries International (or DSMI) is focusing on the following projects:

  • We prepare Microchip Bibles for the new languages which have requested them
  • We are upgrading most of the 65+ Microchip Bibles
  • We are preparing to publish 20+ Bible booklets in a language of the Sahara Desert
  • With the help of members of our Chadian home church, we are translating a Children's Bible Storybook into French
  • We are preparing to produce a Jesus Film

Thank you so much for your prayers and gifts, which make these projects possible!

When you join our team of Desert Springs Partners with a gift of $15 or more per month, this is what you will receive:

  • As a 501(c)(3) charity recognized by the IRS, you will receive tax credit for your donation and valid receipts.
  • You will receive our regular prayer letter to let you know what your gifts are accomplishing...
  • along with exclusive updates of what I am getting done because of your partnership. We send these out via email or as a text message.
  • You will know that your support frees me up to get the Bible to those who don't have access to it.
  • We will also send you a signed copy of The Modern Wycliffe New Testament (click here to learn more).

For a more detailed explanation of the importance of this fundraising campaign, please click here.

To participate in this project, please click on one of the green buttons at the top or the bottom of this page. You can also let others know about it by clicking the "Share" links below.

"We are grateful to Desert Springs Ministries, which has provided and continues to provide daily updated resources to equip and serve the church. We cannot do our job without them and we ask the church to recognize and equip this ministry even as they equip us." - Neil & Kathy Vanaria, AGWM, Sicily, Italy
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